Thank you for using AquaLink 4, a program that allows you to collect, manipulate and analyze data from the AquaLab Series 4 Water Activity meters, the AquaLab Pre, the VSA, and the AquaLab Lite. Decagon designed this software for ease of use and has incorporated many features to make your job easier. There are two versions: AquaLink 4 and AquaLink 4 Part 11 compliant. These help notes will deal with these two versions simultaneously in each help topic. See the Help File "Part 11 Compliance" for more specific information on the Part 11 features.

AquaLink 4 is a Windows based program designed for data collection and customized report generation that works with most AquaLab models. AquaLink 4 logs water activity, temperature, time of measurement, and date stamps along with other information. AquaLink 4 also has sample identification and comment fields that you can use to help annotate the data your AquaLab gathers.

We designed these help files to act as a quick reference for questions about AquaLink functionality and to outline some of the most basic tasks users would like to accomplish. For a more detailed description of the program features, and if you have questions that are not answered in these help files, please contact support at:

You can navigate through these help file by selecting a topic from the list at left, or by using the navigation buttons at the top left-hand side of the screen.