There are a few ways to get data out of AquaLink, customers can export tables to xls, or a comma delimited text file, and open the file with Microsoft Excel or any other software that can read .csv. Can copy and paste into excel as well, but once exported not Part 11.

Importing and Exporting works differently depending on your need of Part 11 compliance. Please see the help file "Part 11 Compliance" to determine if you have or need the AquaLink Part 11 or the standard AquaLink 4 software. You can import and export data as Excel or CSV files in either program. For Importing data, you use the import command in the tool bar. You can import models, data, and filters with the File Menu.

Part 11 Compliant

When exporting data from AquaLink 4 Part 11, you will export as PDF report by default. You can choose to export as an Excel file, however the Excel file is not part 11 compatible and should only be used for data analysis. Users can export data into a pdf to maintain part 11 compliance. A reference number will print at the bottom below the page number that will allow you to ensure the data is up to date. Any change in the data will result in another code. There is also a signature and verification page.