Please refer to Chapter Twelve in the AquaLab Operator’s Manual for information on troubleshooting your AquaLab instrument.

For most troubleshooting, it is very important that you send your log files to Decagon for our software engineers to determine the nature of your problem and a solution. See the help file: "Feedback to Decagon" for more information on submitting your information for troubleshooting.

You should first refer to all help files in the AquaLink Help menu before submitting your information to Decagon for troubleshooting. Please review all troubleshooting options in the Operator’s Manual and these help files before contacting your AquaLab representative for assistance. Also, before you submit your data to Decagon for troubleshooting, ensure that you have the most up to date version of AquaLink by going to the Help menu and selecting Check for Software Updates. Please see the help file "Feedback to Decagon" For information on submitting your logs files to Decagon for troubleshooting.

Troubleshooting AquaLink 4 Part 11

Several Events within the AquaLink 4 Part 11 system generate entries to the system (Windows) log for administrators to review later. This section will contain a brief explanation of the various events generated by AquaLink 4 Part 11. All events will be found in the Windows Event Viewer under Windows Logs/Application. All events will have an event source of "AquaLink4".

Event Type Event Code Description



An admin has rolled a corrupted database back to a good database



A user has done a minor rollback due to corrupted data



A user or admin has been notified of a corrupted database



First Start. AquaLink 4 first time starting on this system



User management performed by admin



Bad login attempt detected {allows three attempts}



User locked out due to too many attempts with a bad password