Check to ensure your power cord and RG3 or USB cable is securely plugged in and your AquaLab has power. Once powered on, your AquaLab should appear in the Connect Via drop down menu. If your device does not appear and you have checked to make sure it is installed properly then there may be a compatibility issue. Customers must install a Windows operating system such as Parallels to use the AquaLink software on a Macintosh. If you are using a mac with windows installed, the device will sometimes need to be set up to open in Windows.

If you are using Windows already and your device does not register, first restart your AquaLab. If the AquaLab unit will not communicate with AquaLink after powering back on, turn it off again and restart AquaLink. After you have opened AquaLink again power on your device to see if the problem resolves itself. If you continue to have problems with communication it could be one of several issues and you should email Decagon technical support at See the help file "Feedback to Decagon" to learn more about submitting your issues to Decagon for troubleshooting.