The procedure for connecting and configuring your AquaLab depends on which AquaLab you are using.

AquaLab Series 4 and VSA

For the Series Four devices and the VSA, follow steps 1 through 6.

1.) Connect an AquaLab Series 4 to your computer.
2.) In Connect Via on the toolbar choose the Com port where the AquaLab connects.
3.) Click Device in the Menu bar and then select Toggle Connection.
4.) On the toolbar, the connect button should turn into a disconnect button.
5.) Click Device again and then Toggle Connection to disconnect the device.
6.) On the toolbar, the disconnect button should turn into a connect button.

Other AquaLab Models

Other AquaLabs that do not have internal memory require the AquaLink software to store data. Follow steps 1 through 5 to successfully log your readings.

1.) Connect/Downloading.
2.) Select device from the Connect Via drop down menu and click "Connect."
3.) Click Download; While the Series 4 devices will download all new records, here AquaLink waits to capture readings from the Series 3 and other models. Wait for the AquaLab Lite and Series 3 to load data before capturing readings.
4.) Go to Device, then Erase Data.
5.) In Device, Synchronize Time.